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Maternity, baby, kids and family specialized photo studio. Exclusively female professional photographers and staff Happy Birth Photo Studio

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About Happy Birth Photo Studio

Happy Birth Photo Studio was originally founded in Tokyo Shibuya in April 2009 as a maternity specialized photo studio.
The main reason for its creation was the coming of former president Umemoto's first child giving her the inspiration for founding the company.
 Back in the days, the global excitement surrounding pregnancy wasn't much part of the culture and people didn't feel as comfortable as nowadays when it came to simply enjoying their maternity lifestyle.​ 
However, thoughts such as "I want to keep records of this mysterious phenomenon currently happening in my body"
or  "This doesn't happen much often in a lifetime so I really want to enjoy it to the fullest !" 
​or "There is no reason not to keep memories of the currently wonderful shapes of my body" were the driving forces in operating the studio.​
The very unique style of photo shooting at Happy Birth Photo were absolutely ground-breaking in the photo studio industry at that time. 
No additional "hidden" fees will be charged upon the flat rates offered in our menu. 
◆ For you to be able to leave the studio with your pictures in hand (on a DVD), we will make sure to take pictures that are already great out of the box, without the need of any sort of retouch.  
◆ We will take pictures made to be displayed and not just forgot in a closet.​ 
◆We won't rely on costumes or settings and will purely focus on your own personal beauty.
​As we were slightly late on the photo studio boom,
 we weren't really aware of what was done in the industry at that time and simply decided to take a customer point of view and offer the kind of services that would just make us happy.
 Besides, we always make a point in evolving and adjusting those on a daily basis.​
We are truly grateful for being bathed in smiling faces every single day thanks to you
and your wonderful families who decided to once trust us as a maternity photo studio. 
 Also, please don't hesitate to come take a look ! :) (please notify us by e-mail or phone in advance) 
We are looking forward to meeting you all at Happy Birth Photo !


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